Frequent question: Can Google replace Android with fuchsia?

Is Fuchsia going to replace Android?

Fuchsia is not just a replacement for Android — there is a master plan. Fuchsia is a new operating system that is being developed by Google. Most people know Fuchsia as a replacement for the well-known Android operating system. Google has already developed and improved two operating systems: Chrome OS and Android.

Is Android going to be replaced?

Google has yet to publicly reveal what it’s long-term plans for the project are, although there is much speculation that Fuchsia is seen as a replacement for both Android and Chrome OS, allowing Google to focus its development effort on one core operating system.

Why is Google making Fuchsia OS?

Building an OS like that gives Google an advantage.

Unlike platforms built using other technologies (e.g., Android made from Linux kernel), Fuchsia OS won’t have any flaws of its original basis. Only the creator, meaning Google, decides how to handle security measures, fix performance issues or provide stability.

Is Android Dead?

The last Android Things release listed was August 2019, putting Google’s actual update support at one year, three months. Android Things will no longer support new devices starting two years and eight months after launch, and the whole thing will be shut down three years and eight months after launch.

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What will replace Android things?

Top Alternatives to Android Things

  • Tizen.
  • TinyOS.
  • Nucleus RTOS.
  • Windows 10 IoT.
  • Amazon FreeRTOS.
  • Wind River VxWorks.
  • Apache Mynewt.
  • Contiki.

Is Google killing Android?

Google is shutting down “Android Auto for phone screens,” which was an Android Auto offshoot for people who didn’t have cars compatible with the service.

Will Google ever be replaced?

Google will never be replaced in our lifetime, however, as the CEOs get older and are out — then it’s just left to a board of members who elect a CEO to keep it going.

What are Google’s plans for Fuchsia?

But right now I think Google has plans to revamp its entire smart home products using Fuchsia as the operating system. Fuchsia is ready to power Nest devices like cameras, mesh routers, smart speakers, and thermostats. By all appearances, that’s exactly what it was built to do.

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