How do I reprogram my Android TV?

How do I factory reset my Sony Android TV?


  1. Turn on the TV.
  2. Press the HELP button on the remote control.
  3. Select Manual (Help Guide) or Help Guide in How to use your TV.
  4. Select Settings.
  5. Select Configuring the TV.
  6. Select Watching TV or TV.
  7. Select Settings.
  8. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options: Select Device Preferences — Reset. (Android 9)

How do you reset your TV?

Turn on the TV. Press the HOME button on the remote control. Select Settings.

The next steps will depend on your TV menu options:

  1. Select Device Preferences — Reset.
  2. Select Device Preferences — About — Reset or Factory reset.
  3. Select Storage & Reset.

How do I reprogram my Smart TV?

1 Factory Reset

  1. Power on your TV.
  2. Press the Menu button.
  3. Select Support, then Enter.
  4. Choose Self Diagnosis, then Enter.
  5. Select Reset, then Enter.
  6. Enter your Security PIN. …
  7. The factory reset screen will show a warning message. …
  8. During the process, TV may turn off and on and will display the Setup screen.
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How do I reset my Smart TV to factory settings?

Factory reset the TV

  1. Open Settings, and then select General.
  2. Select Reset, enter your PIN (0000 is the default), and then select Reset.
  3. To complete the reset, select OK. Your TV will restart automatically.
  4. If these steps don’t match your TV, navigate to Settings, select Support, and then select Self Diagnosis.

Does a Sony Bravia TV have a reset button?

The Sony Bravia runs on the Android system. To run a factory reset, select the “Home” button on your remote. … Hold down the “Power” and “Down” buttons at the same time and plug the power back into the outlet while holding the buttons for 30 seconds. When a green LED light comes on, release the buttons.

How do I reboot my Sony TV?

The display screen may differ depending on the model or OS version.

  1. Turn the TV on.
  2. On the supplied remote control, press the HOME button.
  3. Select Settings.
  4. The next steps will depend on your TV menu options: Select Device Preferences → Reset. …
  5. Select Factory data reset, as shown in the image below.

How do I put my Android TV in recovery mode?

If that’s not working then just press and hold the power button on your Sony TV (not remote) and switch on the power supply. 7. From here, the steps are similar for all Android TVs. Now, you may have to press and hold the buttons for 30 seconds until you see the Android Recovery Mode or the TV logo.

Is there a reset button on a TV?

Simultaneously press and hold down the Power and volume Down (-) buttons on the TV (not on the remote), and then (while holding the buttons down) plug the AC power cord back in. Continue to hold the buttons down until Erasing screen appears. … The TV will reboot (turn on and off).

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What does resetting your TV do?

Performing a factory reset will delete all of the TV’s data and settings (such as Wi-Fi and wired network setting information, Google account and other login information, Google Play and other installed apps).

How do I reset my Samsung LED TV?

Television: How to perform Factory Data Reset ?

  1. 1 Press the MENU button on your remote.
  2. 2 Select Support.
  3. 3 Select Self Diagnosis.
  4. 4 Select Reset.
  5. 5 Enter your TV PIN.
  6. 6 The Factory reset screen will appear displaying a warning message. Select Yes using the navigation buttons on the remote, and then press Enter.

How do I hard reset my Samsung Smart TV?

If something really weird is happening, try this: with the TV on, press and hold the power button on your Samsung TV remote until the TV turns off and back on. When the TV comes back on, everything should be back to normal.

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