Is Alice an android Detroit become human?

Does Alice know she’s an android?

Yes she’s aware, it’s in her programming. She was bought by Todd as a replacement for his actual daughter.

Was Alice an android?

Alice is an android

If that wasn’t obvious enough Luther — another Android who joins Kara and Alice on their journey — hints several times that all isn’t what it seems with Alice.

Is Alice human Detroit: Become Human?

Alice is a main character in Detroit: Become Human, and the deuteragonist of Kara’s story. She is a YK500 Android who is purchased by Todd Williams to be his daughter and who is Kara’s daughter figure. Alice is voiced and motion-captured by Audrey Boustani.

Is Alice a rA9?

rA9 stands for: ‘real Alice 9’ (9 as in 9 years old). Another meaning for “r” could be “little robot”, as she is a child and therefore the letter is ‘r’ and not ‘R’.

What happens to Kara if Alice dies?

If Todd kills Alice and Kara, that’s… pretty much it. Their storyline is over, and a ‘finale’ cutscene is shown at the end of the chapter. You can hear Alice begging for Todd not to hurt her, then it fades to black, finishing with a scream from Alice.

Can Alice and Kara survive?

In the Midnight Train chapter, neither Kara nor Alice can die or end their story. However, Luther may die, which slightly affects the development of events in the following chapters and leads to a slightly worse conclusion.

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What happens if Kara dies on the highway?

If Kara dies on the highway, you will unlock the last end of the Flowchart and finish the thread (only one column will be available if Kara dies – it will be unlocked regardless of whether Connor survived or not).

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