Best answer: What is the difference between Apple and Apple iOS?

What is the difference between iOS and iOS?

iOS is a mobile operating system which is provided by Apple Incorporation.

Difference between iOS and Android.

13. IOS based Devices have Safari as default Internet Browser. Android devices have google chrome but one can install any Internet Browser.
14. IOS have Siri as Voice Assistant. Google have Google Assistance.

What does iOS or later mean?

Answer: A: Answer: A: iOS 6 or later means just that. An app requires iOS 6 or later to operate. It will not operate on iOS 5.

What does iOS mean in a text?

IOS means “Internet Operating System” or “iPhone Operating System” (Apple). The abbreviation IOS (typed iOS) means “Internet Operating System” or “iPhone Operating System.” It is the operating system used on Apple products, such as the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch.

Why is iPhone not good?

1. The battery life isn’t really long enough yet. … It’s a perennial refrain that iPhone owners would much prefer an iPhone that stays the same size, or even gets slightly thicker, if they can get longer battery life out of the device. But so far, Apple hasn’t listened.

Why is Apple cheaper on Amazon?

Why are Apple products so cheap on Amazon? The answer is pretty simple. Amazon buys Apple products in bulk, in advance and at a whole sale price (i.e. not the MSRP), which allows them to sell the devices at a discount and still make a little bit of a profit. … This is how all Apple Authorized Resellers operate.

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