How do you use iOS messages?

How do I access iOS messages?

On your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch, go to Settings > Messages, then turn on iMessage. On your Mac, open Messages, then do one of the following: If you’re signing in for the first time, enter your Apple ID and password, then click Sign In.

What are iOS messages?

Messages is the default texting app for iOS on any iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. It lets you do all the basic things you’d expect: Send texts, photos, emojis, and all the other standard texting stuff. On the other hand, iMessage is an Apple-specific set of features and tools that are built on top of Messages.

How do I send an iOS message?

Tap on the Compose button in the upper right-hand corner. Type the name of the contact to whom you’d like to send a message. Tap the contact to whom you’d like to send a message. Type your message in the message field.

What is the point of iMessage?

iMessage is Apple’s instant messaging service for devices like iPhone, iPad, and Mac. Released in 2011 with iOS 5, iMessage lets users send messages, photos, stickers, and more between any Apple devices over the Internet.

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How do I see iMessage history?

You can view your iMessage history by tapping Messages and then scrolling through your conversations. If your device is set to never delete conversations, all messages will be stored on your device and you can look through them.

Can you view text messages on iCloud?

Log into using your Apple ID and password. Click on Text Messages. (If this option isn’t visible, your messages haven’t been backed up here – so you might as well skip to the next method.) Search the messages to find the ones you need.

How do I download iMessages from my iPhone?

Download iMessage apps

  1. To go to the App Store for iMessage, tap the Store icon .
  2. Tap the icon or the price icon next to the app, then tap Install. You might need to enter your Apple ID password to complete the purchase.
  3. Tap the gray line to return to your message.

Are messages free on iPhone?

iMessage is Apple’s own instant messaging service that sends messages over the Internet, using your data. … If you use WiFi, there’s no cost, but if you use your cellphone’s data, it’s deducted from your data plan. Sending pictures or videos over iMessage can use a lot of data very quickly.

Is there an app that sends iMessages?

Simply put, you can’t officially use iMessage on Android because Apple’s messaging service runs on a special end-to-end encrypted system using its own dedicated servers. … That being said, there is a way to get around the end-to-end encryption, but it’ll require a Mac and an app called AirMessage.

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What is the best messaging app for iPhone?

Here are the seven best messaging apps for your iOS device:

  • WhatsApp. As of February 2016, WhatsApp reached one billion users, making it the most popular instant messaging application. …
  • Messenger. …
  • iMessage. …
  • Snapchat. …
  • Kik. …
  • Viber. …
  • Google Allo.
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